Old Chinese proverb:

"One picture is worth ten thousand words."

Then, I would say:

"A moving picture is worth one billion pictures."

I was born in Italy, in a town called Varese, about 70km north of Milan. Italian mum, American dad, so I grew up bilingual. Leo Sun, Capricorn Moon and Pisces rising.


During my childhood I watched lots of movies because my father was crazy about them and was keen to show me how things were done, for example in horror films and spaghetti westerns, specifically how comic books were conveyed on the screen.

As my passion for astrology grew over the years, I became more serious about incorporating the subject in my movies. Lately, this resulted in the production of the documentary The Astrology of Pandemics. This film is very important to me as it shows how valuable and useful astrology can be in the prediction of future pandemics and how we could use it as a tool to understand the current pandemic.

I am a member of the Belgian Astrological Institute (IAB), the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) and the Astrological Association (AA).

What I'd like to share with the world is compassion, mainly by dealing with subjects as veganism, astrology, sustainability and meditation. 

My main aim is to use film as a language in order to convey the inexplicable.


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