Old Chinese proverb:

"One picture is worth ten thousand words."

Then, I would say:

"A moving picture is worth one billion pictures."

I was born in Italy, in a town called Varese, about 70km north of Milan. Italian mum, American dad, so I grew up bilingual.


During my childhood, my brother and I were able to express our artistic side through drawing, our father helping us, since he's an illustrator/painter/animator by training.


I also watched lots of movies because my father was crazy about them and was keen to show us how things were done, for example in horror films and spaghetti westerns, specifically how comic books were conveyed on the screen.


When it came to high school, I opted for a languages specialization (liceo linguistico). In addition to French, English, and Spanish, I studied Chinese for one year. I spent my fourth year of high school on the AFS’ (American Field Services) exchange-student programme (AFS Vivre Sans Frontière, in French) in Norway.


Here I added Norwegian to my list of languages. I also made a number of videos with my friends,  Nuttawut from Thailand,  Thibaut from Belgium, Vim from China. One of these was a short remake of the manga-based film Death Note.


When it came to deciding my degree subject, I opted for Literature, Film and Theatre majoring in Film, and I graduated from Kristiansand university in Norway in June 2014. I also completed a course at the Raindance film school in Brussels.

During and after my studies I was able to assist on different types of film productions, mainly as film script supervisor and production assistant. I've written, directed and shot a number of short films too. 


I started by diving into fiction film, but I'm even more intrigued by documentary and I would love to develop some projects using this format and incorporating motion design.


What I'd like to share with the world is compassion, mainly by dealing with subjects as veganism, fruitarianism, sustainability and meditation. 

My main aim is to use my cinematic skills in order to make a moving image say more than any other language could do. 


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